Mayor Parker please don't move the BIKE TRAIL

from Ardmore St and build it behind our homes.

Don't endanger the PUBLIC SAFETY

of our community by building another alley for crime to enter our homes.

Don't harm the CHILDREN

and let a child to be injured at a location known to be dangerous,when we already have a safe pedestrian and bicycle crossing nearby.


with a 10' wide BIKE TRAIL that leads to nowhere.

Cars stack and  block proposed pedestrian crossing on S MacGregor Way

This bike trail places children's lives at risk.  The proposed bike trail intersects a major thoroughfare at former railroad tracts, once controlled with a signal and a crossing gate. The proposed bike trail crossing is at the end of a blind curve, where speeding cars meet a hump in the road, causing many accidents, especially when the road is wet. The community considers this to be the most dangerous, and the worst possible location for a bicycle crossing. Why would the City propose this dangerous location -- especially for children -- when a safer alternative exists 150 feet away -- the TxDot controlled cross walk at the corner of S. MacGregor Way and Ardmore St.  

Bike trail will endanger our public safety.  Historically in our neighborhood alley ways provide an easy egress for thieves and burglars into our homes.  Residents, especially seniors want a safe place to live.  Building a bike trail adjacent to our back yards violates our safety.