Progress of construction 30 Days latter

“I have lived in this neighborhood for 40 years and worked in behalf of the South MacGregor Civic Club with many City offices.  Mayor Anise Parker’s office is the most unprofessional, petty and divisive I have ever experienced.  The Mayor’s staff often used propaganda and discriminating practices used to single me out because I was different—a gay white male.  This is most unfortunate, especially coming from a white gay Mayor.  But, it was not unexpected.  The chorus of Mayor’s staffers in our civic meeting chanted I was the “only one”. Ms. Spanjian, who is also gay, actually screamed at me, and then proceeded to humiliate me in front of 50 people—most who are black-- and then refer me a criminal for building a garden.  Later, upon meeting Ms.Spanjian in the AIDS garden, she would walk past ignoring questions.  I did not exist.  The Mayor’s damage to our community is now complete.   Mayor’s office came to our neighborhood with a totalitarian attitude ready to destroy a
community, rather than build consensus.  She succeeded.  I expected better leadership from this Mayor, but received much less….”  R Michael Lee

"I only took down about 15 crape myrle trees...the Mayor's office did not want to relocate them."

Alan Atkinson, Developer for Bayou Vista; July 2013

"I do not care about the ashes of AIDS Victims in the garden, it is City property and we can do anything we want ... It is cheeper for the City to the remove trees, and then plant new ones.  ... You have 30 days to remove any plants." 


Laura Spanjian, Sustainability Director for Mayor Anise Parker; April 2013

Laura Spanjian, Mayor Parker's Sustainability Director and  Developer Alan J Atkinson, Bayou Vista Development, inspectiong the demolitiion

After the Dozers