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  • Ask the Mayor to listen to local citizens and ask them what they want and need. They do not want this trail that invites crime into their back yards and places its children risk.
  • Ask the Mayor not to endanger the lives of children. The proposed crossing, once controlled by railroad crossing gates, is a well known dangerous section of a major thoroughfare. A safe crossing at the corner of a residential street already exists and is only 150 ft away.
  • Ask the Mayor not to violate the safety and security of citizens, especially of senior residents. Historically, neighborhood alley ways are places for crime. It is inappropriate to locate another alley way--this bike trail--immediately behind people‚Äôs homes.
  • Ask the Mayor not to build a bike trail that is useless, leads nowhere, arrives at a dead end, and duplicates the destination of an existing scenic regional bike way system along the bayou.
  • Ask the Mayor to respect the agreement of the prior administration with the community. Former Mayor Bill White agreed not to locate the bike trail behind homes. Instead, the bike trail was moved to a residential street. This safe bike way and crossing already exists.
  • Ask the Mayor why the application for Federal reimbursement funds included only three letters of support from non-local biking organizations, and no  support from the local community. Ask why  petitions and other documents opposed to this project from churches, schools, and local civic organizations were not included in the application?
  • Ask why the Mayor's office is using private funds to select a non-bid developer who in 2005 vociferously  objected to the neighborhood's security and safety concerns.

The 0.85 acre AIDS MEMORIAL and GARDEN founded in 1986 is in peril. The planned 12 ft swath for a bicycle trail to nowhere will destroy the memorial garden, lovingly planted by dedicated residents for the benefit of the community, and cared for for 22 years. But there is an alternative:

In place of a useless and dangerous bicycle trail, make the garden accessible to the public with a pedestrian pathway from the bicycle trail long S. McGregor Way. This would allow the garden to remain a place for enjoyment, relaxation, and meditation. There is no other such garden in this community. It is a place where children can learn about bio systems, it encourages community gardens, it provides citizens with fruit from citrus orchards, it provides a space to respect, contemplate, and reflect on lost lives at the Victims of AIDS memorial. This is what the community needs and wants rather than a bike trail that puts children's lives at risk.

  •  Ask the Mayor to preserve the AIDS Memorial Garden as a place of respite and peaceful reflection. A 10 foot wide concrete bicycle highway is not appropriate. Install a soft walking trail for people to enjoy.
  • Ask the Mayor to listen to local citizens and ask them what they want and need. They do not want this trail. They need an urban garden, a place for children to learn about nature and gardening. Why destroy an existing beautiful garden?