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The existing bike trails along both banks of Brays Bayou provide links to  all major destinations.  One end of the proposed bike trail dead-ends into Dixie Drive at a trucking depot. (No bike trail built on Dixie Drive.) At the other end, the proposed cross walk intersect at very dangerous section of a major thoroughfare, S MacGregor Way. A TxDot controlled cross walk at intersection is 150 feet away.

In 2005, the City of Houston made an "AGREEMENT "with the
community not to build this bike trail behind their homes.  It
promised to seek community support in the future. In 2013,
Mayor Annise Parker, without notice to the community, reversed that decision.  This proposed trail will destroy much of the AIDS GARDEN.


Directions by bicycle

Columbia Tap Trail @  Braes Bayou Bike Trail

Directions by car

3055 South MacGregor Way

Houston, Texas 77021